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Bullet Points of meeting 12th January 2022

Pailton Parish Council Meeting 12th January 2022

Borough Councillor: Tony advised that the Walsgrave island is currently under consultation of reconfiguration, this is being led by National Highways with 11 options available, the deadline is 14th February.

The budget was discussed line by line, savings were made on repairs and website costs. The increase of street lighting has caused the budget to rise in 2021, this is due to rising energy costs and repairs to the street lights. Therefore the precept needs to increase for 2022/2023 to ensure street lighting is covered.
Resolved: LM proposed to set the 2022/2023 precept at £15,740.00, this is an increase of £879.00, which is an annual increase per Band D household annually of £4.51.
The Parish Council wish to make clear the increase is to cover street lighting only More »

Planning Applications and Decisions for Consideration: No new applications
R20/0259 The HGV facility has been extended 6 times and is now extended to 3rd February. Here are two key changes to the application, the first is following the Environmental report, there has been an increase of boundaries reducing the hgv parking spaces to 293. The traffic modelling has been amended. The Parish Council discussed and agreed the initial objections still stand.
R21/0914 23 Lutterworth Road has been refused..

The Clerk continues to address the chicane and lamp on Lutterworth Road with Eon and Western Power for resolution. All other lighting issues have been reported and are scheduled for repair. » Less

Posted: Thu, 13 Jan 2022 19:27 by Helen Denton-Stacey

Public Spaces Protection Orders Renewal – Consultation

Public Spaces Protection Orders Renewal – Consultation

In October 2014 the Anti-social Behaviour Crime and Policing Act 2014 was introduced.

As part of this legislation Rugby Borough Council introduced Public Spaces Protection Orders. These enable Local Authorities to impose prohibitions or requirements to specified areas to enable law abiding citizens to enjoy public areas without being affected by anti-social behaviour. More »

The council would value your comments on the proposed renewal of the PSPOs and invites you to contribute to the consultation process by visiting our website: www.rugby.gov.uk/PSPOconsultation

The council would be grateful if you could return your comments by 10 February 2022 closure date, after which time the council will consider all comments received and determine whether to formally renew or vary the Public Space Protection Order.

Alternatively, you can write to PSPO Consultations, Town Hall Evreux Way, Rugby, CV21 2RR. Please indicate which PSPO you are commenting on, Dog Controls, Intoxicating Substances, Newbold Quarry Nature Reserve.


Clinton Ramsey

Environmental Protection Officer
Regulatory Services
Regulation and Safety
Rugby Borough Council
Tel: 01788 533857
Mail: ept@rugby.gov.uk

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Posted: Thu, 13 Jan 2022 18:55 by Helen Denton-Stacey

Four new average speed enforcement road safety schemes for Warwickshire

Four new average speed enforcement road safety schemes for Warwickshire

Average Speed Enforcement Cameras are to be installed at a number of locations in Warwickshire, as part of a plan to make Warwickshire's roads even safer. The locations are:

· A435 Studley: From Studley Cricket club, heading south to the junction with the A422, Arrow.

· A446: From the junction with the A38, to the junction with the A4091. More »

· A426: From M6 Junction 1, to the junction with the A5.

· A428: From junction with the A46, through Binley Woods village.

These routes have been chosen because a high number of personal injury collisions caused by excessive vehicle speeds have occurred here. Over a five year period, 129 personal injury collisions have occurred along these routes.

Research shows that Average Speed Enforcement Cameras are very effective at helping reduce vehicle speeds and improving driver behaviour.

In Warwickshire, between 1 January 2018 and 31 December 2020, 39 people were killed and 285 seriously injured in collisions where speed and/or loss of control was recorded as a contributory factor.

Research shows that Average Speed Enforcement Cameras are very effective at helping reduce vehicle speeds and improving driver behaviour. Road Safety Analysis found that on average, the number of fatal and serious collisions decreases by 36% after average speed cameras are introduced, while personal injury collisions of all severities are reduced by 16%.

Instead of capturing speed in a single flash, Average Speed Cameras work by recording a vehicle's speed at the entry and exit points of the route, and then calculating the average speed over thelength of the route. Vehicles are identified through Automatic Number Plate Recognition.

Cllr Wallace Redford, Portfolio holder for Road Safety said: "Warwickshire County Council has the primary responsibility for monitoring and improving road safety and making our roads as safe as they can be. We identify patterns of collisions and then analyse the best and most cost-effective ways of preventing those collisions. The Average Speed Enforcement Cameras will not only improve safety and save lives, but also manage traffic flow, which in turn leads to reduced traffic congestion and improved air quality."

Partners including Warwickshire Police, Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Warwickshire, Warwickshire County Council, Warwickshire Fire & Rescue Service and National Highways are working together as Warwickshire Road Safety Partnership to reduce death and injury on our roads. During 2020 and despite the lockdown periods when roads were quieter, 14 people lost their lives in Warwickshire as the result of a road traffic collision. Another 228 people suffered serious, often life changing injuries.

Warwickshire Road Safety Partnership is committed to seeing longer term reductions in these figures, with our new Strategy setting the ambitious target of a 50% reduction in road deaths and serious injuries by 2030. We can only do this if everyone plays their part, so please join us in our pledge to become better road users and do everything you can to help prevent collisions from occurring. Please follow us on Facebook @warwickshireroadsafety and Twitter @WarksRoadSafety and please visit our website www.warksroadsafety.org.

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Posted: Thu, 02 Dec 2021 18:21 by Helen Denton-Stacey