Vaccine FAQs

Vaccine FAQs

Vaccinations have been used many times through the years. WCC have produced a flyer with common questions about the vaccine including:

  • How have the vaccines been produced so quickly?
  • The first vaccines licensed use genetic technology, will it interfere with my own DNA?
  • How long does immunity from the vaccines last?
  • What has changed to make 12 weeks safe for the dose interval when it wasn't last week?
  • Is the vaccine safe for people with preexisting conditions?

For the answers to the questions and a number of others, click here to download and distribute. See Vaccine Explainer videos from Public Health England.

Materials available in alternative formats

COVID-19 vaccination guides for older adults are available in a range of languages. Click here to view them
An easy read guide to the vaccine produced by Mencap is available here
A full list of leaflets available about the COVID-19 vaccine is available here

Full list of leaflets available about the COVID-19 vaccine

Find your NHS number service can help people when booking their vaccine, if they do not know their NHS number. Users just need to enter their name, DOB and postcode to receive a copy of their NHS number, which is then sent by text

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