White Lion Update – following the webinar- May 2021

White Lion Update – following the webinar- May 2021

The Zoom webinar presentation on Friday 21st at 6.30pm was very informative, apologies to anyone who had difficulty logging into the webinar, we had a technical issue with the link. As promised, we now have a recording of this available for you. You can find it on our website www.whitelionpailton.com You have to sign up to join the site first and wait for an email to confirm you are registered. Then just log in and you will see a video of the webinar and slides below it. Please note the following –

  • The recording starts just after Tina began the introduction, so sounds a bit abrupt.
  • The gallery view obscures some of the figures, so we have included a separate document with all the slides on for clarity.
  • Please remember the plans and figures will change many times, they are simply a means of obtaining the funding we require, they are NOT final decisions, just a moment in time. They are draft proposals, for example, the kitchen, shop, toilets, bin store, etc may end up in a different place, so PLEASE DO NOT think/talk about them as final plans etc. The village will be consulted before the final plans are made. You will be able to have your say in the development of the project.
  • Once we have all our funding in place, then we will be able to set a budget, once we have a budget, we can produce a design to fit the budget.

For those without access to a computer- Kristian and I will run evening or weekend sessions in the village hall, to show the webinar to a socially distanced audience, numbers are limited due to restrictions so please ring/email if you are interested. If necessary, we can come to you with the video, just ring/email to request.

We had very positive feedback from the webinar, we would really like as many people as possible to see it and make their own mind up about the project. You will definitely feel more informed if you watch it.

Please do get involved with this community project, the funders are more likely to give us funds if they can see a community that is positive about the project. If anyone feels strongly in favour of having a community pub/hub in the village, where we can walk to a local shop again, drink and eat at a local pub/restaurant, relax in a beer garden, have a place for visitors stay in the village, have a place to meet as a local group over a coffee or beer, have a co-working space locally, have a business meeting place. Have a place to socialise locally over a skittles table or pool or darts, have the opportunity to see the heritage of the building come alive again, then please get involved.

We will be starting up local fundraising opportunities very soon. The funders are looking for handwritten signed letters of support for the project from local people who would welcome and use the new facilities. Especially from local groups.

Save the White Lion Committee. Tina 01788 833733 tinapailtonpc@gmail.com

Posted: Fri, 28 May 2021 11:12 by Helen Denton-Stacey

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