Bullet Points of Pailton Parish Council Meeting held Monday 27th September 2021

Bullet Points of Pailton Parish Council Meeting held Monday 27th September 2021

· Complaints are being investigated by Environmental Health regarding the foul stench from the Pig Farm.

· The debris left on the roads from recent harvests will be swept once the Borough Council are able to supply a road sweeper driver, due to staff shortages.

· Warwickshire County Council are encouraging all 16-17 year olds to be vaccinated for Covid 19.

· A new dementia awareness campaign has been launched and details are available on www.warwickshirecountycouncil.gov.uk

· The County Council property company is now established, with a recovery investment fund open of 146million allocated to local businesses/ start ups and community ventures.

· The faded white lines around the village are due to be refreshed, this will include all of the road markings within the village and is scheduled. Additional works for road signage and traffic calming will be carried out also.

· The Borough Council have held a Climate Change Summit, more details are to be released.

· A Rugby Town Centre Strategy Consultation is to open on 30th September, residents are encouraged to voice their views on www.rugby.gov.uk

· The village hall upcoming events are as follows:

2nd October Saturday Café

17th October Autumnal Cream Tea

6th November Saturday Café

11th December Children's Xmas Party

The post office continues to operate on Thursday's

· Planning Applications and Decisions for Consideration:

R20/0259 The HGV facility has been extended 5 times and is now extended to 17th December.

R20/0914 23 Lutterworth Road has now applied for works to land at rear, Councillors are to look at application and respond to Clerk as soon as possible as deadline is 22nd October.

R21/0376 Telephone exchange, Coventry Road has been approved at planning committee meeting with 10 for 2 against.

R21/0537 Radio Station, Montillo Lane 10 dwellings, Councillors to respond to Clerk before deadline of 13th October.

· The White Lion is no longer listed as a community asset as the Parish Council have purchased the building and secured its future, this topic will be added to the next agenda for Councillors to discuss if other areas of the village need to be listed.

· A routing strategy consultation is in place and residents are encouraged to respond. This is the Highways England strategic routing map online at www.rugby.gov.uk

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