Bullet points of meeting held 28th February 2022

Pailton Parish Council meets fourth Monday of every month at 7:30pm at the Village Hall

Neighbourhood Plan Resolved: The PC are to apply to RBC for the designation of Neighbourhood plan area.

Planning Applications and Decisions for Consideration: No new applications
R20/0259 The HGV facility has been extended 6 times and is now going to committee on 9th March, the PC have received a number of objections from residents and are advising each resident to lodge their objections directly to RBC planning. The PC have raised objections each time the application has been circulated. The original application was widely published within the village by the PC with a flyer drop to every household and added to noticeboards. KS is to advise residents on the what's app group to lodge their objections directly as the PC objection stands as one only.
M69 Rail freight interchange consultation, the PC discussed the impacts to traffic in the village on roads that are already overloaded. LM will raise an objection to the consultation reflecting this. Resolved: LM proposed, Seconded by KS, All agreed.
Resolved: TG proposed to write a letter of complaint to Amazon advising that their staff are parking illegally in the village and causing risks to other drivers. Seconded by LM, All agreed.

Street Lighting
The Clerk continues to address the chicane and lamp on Lutterworth Road with Eon and Western Power for resolution. All other lighting issues have been reported and are scheduled for repair. Eon have not responded to the repairs, so the issue will be escalated.
Are you a local landowner who has space to plant trees or an orchard fro the Queens Jubilee, if so the Parish Council would love to hear from you to help commerate the special event.

Please contact clerk@pailtonparishcouncil.org.uk

Telephone box

The Parish Council are looking for volunteers to help the refurbish the village telephone box, if you have time and skills we would love to hear from you!
Please contact clerk@pailtonparishcouncil.org.uk

Pailton Parish Council are setting up a Litter busting group and are looking for volunteers to help keep Pailton clean!
Please contact clerk@pailtonparishcouncil.org.uk

White Lion Report by Cllr Tina Simpson

White Lion report to PPC Feb 2022

I had a start up TEAMS meeting with NLHF with Jeremy Fenn the investment manager and David Fairbanks the consultant I gave an update as to progress so far, which they were happy with .

David Fairbanks is coming to view the White lion for the first time.The permission to start form has been agreed.They are very keen to get going now as per the timetable set out in the permission to start form.Next steps are - appoint a project manager and set up the project team by end of March . David Fairbanks will assist us with where best to advertise these appointments . We will use the briefs as in our original NLHF application , DCA business consultants helped us with these . David is going to look them over and advise if changes are needed.A short list will be put together and recommendations will be made to PC .The project team will be Jeremy Fenn, David Fairbanks, from NLHF myself from PPC, business consultants , architects and QS when appointed and Andrew from CIC. I will give regular feedback to PPC.The other main issue we are working on is governance of the project. NLHF are happy for us to continue researching this alongside getting things started . They are happy the PPC has the final say and with myself as link between them and PPC.We are obtaining quotes from Solicitors and accountants for advise and guidance on setting up CIC or similar, setting up a legal agreement between PPC and CIC , VAT and fundraising .We currently have quotes from David Alcock at Antony Collins solicitors and Nicola Cadwallader from David Cadwallader accountants . We will be aiming to obtain 3 quotes before deciding who to engage. I will not give figures until all quotes are in.Alongside this work we have a lot of local work to cover , things like fundraising, media and communications and local communications, leaflets , round the Revel , village meetings etc.I am proposing a working group is set up , with terms of reference . Kristian has volunteered as the second councillor on the group along with myself and Jesse Lund from the village has volunteered for the media and communications , he works in marketing and is keen to get Facebook and podcasts up and running for us, so watch this space. NHLF are very keen for us to get up and running on social media .I need a well organised person, to join us on the group , who has time and commitment to help with organising the fundraising locally .I am happy to continue doing the local communications alongside being the lead on the project for PPC.I have contacted City of Birmingham University to see if we can forge a relationship with them and their heritage architecture students , meaning they would regularly send students to look at the project as it develops, helping them with their learning and helping us with ideas and contacts etc.We are now members of Heritage Trust Network , they provide advise and contacts for heritage community projects, I have found contacts for solicitors , accountants etc here. They put you in touch with similar projects around the country .We are very conscious that we have a mandate from the village to research to see if the renovation of White Lion is a viable project . We are still doing this, we now have the advantage of having NLHF and AHF to help us with our research having provided us with funding. As soon as a project team is set up we will be able to update the village via a meeting of our progress, until then I will continue to put regular updates in Round the Revel and at PC meetings .We really want everyone in the community to feel part of the project, so please do ask if you want to know more or feel you have time to help in any way no matter how small e.g.Helping on the working group with fundraising , legal or accountancy advise re governance of heritage community projects.Contact Tina Simpson at Pailton Hall , 833733 , Tinapailtonpc@gmail.com.

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